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Camera & CCTV Surveillance

It used to be that only casinos could afford to effectively monitor their property and assets. And while a lot of people may still think that’s the case, the day of cheap and easy surveillance has finally dawned upon us. MetroCom services customers with the need for a few cameras, as well as those who need dozens.

Our clients include security companies, major property owners, and families that want to feel safe in potentially troublesome times. As an expert in this field since its inception, MetroCom has experience with the full gamut of these devices.

We have installed bulletproof cameras at prisons and in high-risk neighborhoods, and hidden systems in hundreds of storefronts.

It’s all digitally processed, and consolidated to one computer server per location, so don’t worry about having multiple screens like the security guards at the mall. Pretty soon they’ll be on board too.

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